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A powerful abbreviation expansion typing aid for users with limited manual dexterity

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Darren Gabbert (a single switch user) from Adaptive computing technology center at University of Missouri demonstrates that Texpand is an essential text entry tool for Android users with limited mobility.


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Free for your first 10 abbreviations

Texpand PRO

Unlimited abbreviations. Tasker integration. List phrases

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Unlimited abbreviations

Set unlimited number of abbreviations. Make an abbreviation of every possible text you use frequently

tasker integration

Tasker integration

Make your phrases even more awesome by using Tasker built-in variables in your phrases. Learn more.

list phrases

List phrases

Choose from a list of phrases just by typing one abbreviation.


See what you can do with Texpand

Use any device that can input text

Texpand works with the most popular software keyboard apps, including physical keyboards or any accessibility oriented alternative text input device.

Dynamic values

With dynamic values you can insert the current date or time in any format you can imagine or use the contents of your clipboard

Suggestion window

No need to remember your abbreviations to the letter, Texpand displays abbreviation suggestions after you type a few characters

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